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It's Time to Focus on your Inner Beauty

Posted on March 18, 2018 at 9:45 PM

Are you in shape spiritually? Do you have an inner beauty routine? If you don’t, now is the time to make a shift in your attitude and start to focus on your inner beauty. When you take these 3 steps to look good on the inside, you can’t help but look beautiful on the outside too. 

Step 1:  Stop comparing yourself to everyone else...that just leads to feeling dissatisfied with yourself. Dissatisfaction is so bad for your soul. It makes it hurt. It is like saying to God, ”I don’t like the way you made me, I‘d like to be like somebody else.” Start today to accept and love who you are. Recognize that God doesn’t make mistakes. He made you exactly the way you are for a reason. Be grateful to be you!

Step 2:  Stop complaining about your flaws. Who do you think wants to hear about them anyway? Instead of complaining about your flaws, embrace them . Don’t hate them. When you accept your flaws, they can become your greatest strengths. Why is that so hard for you to do? If God can love you with all your flaws, why can’t you?

Complaining is so bad for your heart, it hardens it and none of your light can shine out. It saps your energy and makes you look old before your time.

Step 3:  Stop criticizing yourself. When you hear that critical voice in your head, just recognize that it is your ego. It is so afraid it will have to take a back seat if you start listening to your heart. When that negative dialog starts, just think a positive thought about yourself. Start today to treat yourself with loving compassion and respect. When you stop criticizing yourself, you will be amazed at how people will start to look at you. The way we look at ourselves is how people look at us. How do you regard yourself? Next time you cut yourself down, stop and apologize. Every time you cut yourself down, it is like drinking poison. It does so much damage on the inside. You might think it is harmless to criticize yourself but believe me, I found out the hard way. It can be deadly.

If you follow these three tips, little by little you will start to feel really good inside. You will become aware of a deep down, warm feeling of contentment. A sense of confidence will begin to grow from within. Your light will shine brighter and brighter. People will find you more beautiful than models with perfect features and perfect figures. You know why? Because of your amazing attitude!

There is no surgery out there that can give you the feeling of being content with who you are. There is no pill you can take to develop your confidence. It is up to what are you waiting for?

Make time for your inner beauty routine and get all those nasty thoughts out of your head right now.

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