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Our workshops are for women to gain a better understanding of all of the unique properties that make them who they are. By exploring the five elements that make up a person’s individual DNA, women are empowered to learn how to express their nature in harmony with how they dress. This allows their true self to shine through in everything they do.

From this fun, informative and friendly workshop, attendees leave with knowledge about themselves as well as new friends, newfound confidence, and the ability to see the person behind the outfit. 

What could be better than that?

“I had Debbie come into my home for a style and organization session. The first thing we did was remove all clothes from the closet and put them in the middle of the floor. This is an overwhelming experience in itself! Debbie carefully went over every piece to see what was a good color and style for my energy profile. The lightness you feel from this is just unexplainable; you feel like you've been lifted from the heaviness of the items that you were surrounded by.”

Private Consult Client

Private Consultations

Through Deborah's private consultations, she teaches others how to love their true self. This intimate setting allows a one-on-one experience that guides you through personal style, body awareness, mindfulness and meditation, weight release and overcoming any addiction. 

When this consultation ends you feel bliss within, complete fulfillment and no longer feel the desire to turn to the vices that this world often offers into destructive behavior.

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