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Author Deborah O'Brien is bringing her audience a new novel that is exciting, emotional, and inspiring. 

Using characters we all can relate to, readers will find themselves reflecting on Bliss-Full moments in their life. 

Will the characters find bliss? 

Will you find your state of bliss? 

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Raw. Real. Bliss.

In this candid two-part memoir, Deborah O’Brien shares a message of hope discovered while on her journey toward personal spiritual awakening. 

In part one, her near death experience with an acute overdose of pills and alcohol and alcoholism halted Deborah from continuing to travel down a path of self destructive behavior. This was her first awakening to the power of bliss. Deborah believes that spiritual awakening is accessible to everyone who wants it.

In part two, this book covers key principles that help readers:

  • Learn a simple yet profound method of meditation to improve your life and your connection to the Divine.

  • Learn how to cope effectively with pain and stress instead of trying to escape from it.

  • Improve your self-image and relationships with others.

  • Learn to be free, to be you, and find the bliss that is awaiting permission to live.

This book reveals the strength of the human spirit and the power of true redemption.

Readers will be inspired to receive simple yet profound methods of meditation to use on their own journey toward spiritual awakening and get to a state of bliss. 

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