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"Deborah O'Brien is such a dynamic, engaging speaker..."

Deborah offers VIRTUAL, HYBRID & MAIN-STAGE Power Talks


Deborah O'Brien is a game-changing, style-boosting, self discovery expert, speaker, and highly respected authority on personal transformation. She is an author, a model, and a frequent guest in local media outlets.

"When the mask comes off, you find your true self, the real you, the YOU you were born to be!"

Deborah O'Brien


She gives your audience the inspiration they need, to see life more clearly.


She gives your attendees actionable takeaways that they can apply right away.


She gets your attendees excited and engaged every step of the way.

"Will you love the YOU, you hide?"

Deborah O'Brien

Thirty years ago during a near-death encounter, Deborah O'Brien experienced a spiritual awakening. 

The very same eight-stage process that healed her life that day, she now teaches as a tool to liberate women from destructive patterns and limiting beliefs. Her passion for change inspires audiences to transform their lives by removing their "mask" while she gently guides them to find bliss deep within their truest self. 

After writing her memoir, Bliss, Deborah discovered that so many women could relate to her pain. She wasn't alone in feeling like she had to wear a "mask" in fear that if anyone really knew her, they wouldn't like her. In fact, she discovered we all wear masks.

Today, Deborah is an expert in self discovery. Using her experience as a model, style and image consultant and interior designer, Deborah combines her personal story and professional knowledge to share a message of hope with women searching to find their true self, without the mask.

Audiences who attend Deborah's talks learn how to remove the mask, stop pretending, and be free to live life as the person they were born to be! 

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If you want to be truly touched, if you want your heart to feel true bliss, then you need to run to Deborah O'Brien. I recently attended Deb's "Day of Bliss" at Mirbeau Inn & Spa, and from the moment I walked in, I felt loved. I was met with her warm hug, her smile, and her always-joyful personality. Deb has a way of making you feel like you're the only one in the room; she knows your needs, pays attention, and wants you to feel the love you deserve. Her calming voice brought another level of relaxation - the present never looked better. You'll leave wanting to take Deb with you, everywhere, and with a truer sense of self. Anywhere Deb goes, I go!

Cara Cipullo

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