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How to find YOU in Your Closet

Posted on February 8, 2017 at 3:15 PM

On my show this week, I talked about how to clean your closet. Here are some tips that I suggested:

Open your closet door and confront it

Take a really good look at all the confusion

Take a picture, so you can have a before and after

Take a deep breath and let it go and remove every single thing from your closet. Don’t leave anything on the floor.

Wipe down the racks and vacuum the floor.

If it still looks grungy, give it a fresh coat of paint

Burn some sage and let the smoke get in every crease and crevice to get rid of any bad energy

Now, stand back and enjoy what you just accomplished. Feel the surge of new energy.

Once I told my audience how to clean their closet, I had to show them what to do with that big heap of clothes on the floor. Here’s the key: Only put back in the closet what you love. Love, love love. If you hesitate, you don’t love it. If you spent a lot of money on something you don’t wear, don’t feel guilty. Let it go. Let go of everything that doesn’t look good on you. Now, arrange all the clothes in your closet just for this season. Take all your clothes from other seasons and put them in another closet. The secret is to have the clothes in your closet be for just this season and you love them because they look good on you.

With everything that didn’t make it back into the closet, make piles. One to donate, one for trash, and one for cash. Bag up all the stuff and put it in your car. Get it out of your house!

Now, look back in your closet and what do you see? You see your style in there. It’s your style because it’s the clothes you love. You love them because they’re you.

Here’s another way to find your style: You can discover your energy. Your dominant energy really dictates the movement of your energy and your style. We’re all made up of four kinds of energy: nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon. However, you lead with one. The one you lead with is your dominant energy. That’s what makes you, you and me, me.

Type 1: Do people call you cute? Is your face round or heart shaped? Do you have apple cheeks? Or a button nose? Does your nose turn up? Is it small? Are your eyes round? Do they sparkle and pop? Does your whole face light up when you smile? You are a bright, animated person because your dominant energy is nitrogen. Just like your energy, you should wear bright colors, animated patterns, round collars, push up sleeves, twirl-around type skirts, anything that sparkles. Just like your energy. It’s your nature. Get rid of any black clothes that you might have. Black is not your type of energy, it is not you. If you need something dark on an occasion, wear navy. It will much better suit you.

Type 2: Do people say you’re beautiful? Is your face oval? Do you have “s” curves on your cheeks? Or on your nose? Or in your nostril? Do you have a blended skin tone? Are your eyes almond shape? Do you have heavy eyelids or doe eyes? You are soft and subtle because your dominant energy is oxygen- a very fluid and flowing type energy. Like your energy, you look best in blended colors, or muted shades with grey undertones. Get rid of black and wear grey instead. Wear blended patterns that flow together, flowing skirts that are relaxed and comfortable. Comfort is the most important thing to you.

Type 3: Do people say you are hot? Is your face triangular or angular? Do you have a square or angular jaw? Chiseled cheekbones? Is your nose angular with triangle shapes in your nostrils? Are your eyes exotic looking? Just like your energy, hydrogen, you are a Rich and Dynamic woman. You look best in rich, earthy colors, peacock blue is good, too. Get rid of all black and wear rich browns instead. Animal prints really suit you. Anything with asymmetric lines and triangular shapes will look good on you.

Type 4: Do people say you are stunning? Is your face an elongated oval? Do you have parallel lines on the sides of your face? Do you have straight lines down the side of your nose? Are there oval shapes inside your nostrils? Just like the energy of carbon- a still energy-you have a stillness about you. You look good in pencil-skirts and straight parallel lines. Just like your energy, you are bold and stunning. Black and white are great on you because of the stillness and bold colors, like cobalt blue really look good on you.

So, if you missed my show, you can see it on youtube, but I hope you learned a little something from this blog.

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