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Letting Go Challenge

Posted on December 31, 2016 at 12:20 AM

My show on Monday was about how you could actually release excess weight by clearing clutter from your life. Recently, I came across a feng shui ritual and it goes like this. Everyday, for nine days, you let go of 27 things. Now, that might sound like it’s really time consuming, but it really goes fast. Just try it and see how good you will feel when you let go.

Clutter is stagnant energy, clearing out 27 items every day for nine days is the easiest thing to do to start the new year off on the right foot. You need to release the old to make room for the new.

To become a lighter more slim version of yourself, start to clear clutter. As you let go, you remove blocked energy and your vibrations will rise. As the energy flows, you will feel lighter. Extra weight on your body and extra stuff in your life often equals extra protection. What are you trying to protect? Are you holding on to something, just in case?

When you keep stuff around even though you don’t need it, you’re telling the universe that you don’t trust it. You need to start to trust that your needs will be met. Stop draining your energy by holding on to older stuff to feel safe. Relax and breathe. Exhale and release what you no longer need in your life. As you start to let go of your stuff little by little, you will begin to let go of that need for protection and begin to feel secure and emotionally safe to let go of the weight.

Weight gain is another form of clutter. Clutter holds us back and keeps us from moving forward and causes stress. Just a few hundred years ago, we had to hunt for our food, it was natural to gain weight and store fat to protect ourselves from cold and famine and that program is still in our DNA. All it takes to trigger cortisol levels is a little stress.Then, the body thinks it has to retain the fat.

When we clear clutter, our stress is reduced and our cortisol levels drop causing our bodies to release excess fat. Here’s a tip: When you feel triggered to eat for emotional reasons, take a minute to clear out a draw or a cabinet, or your pocket-book. The lightness you will feel after you let go of stuff can help to eliminate the urge to eat unnecessary stuff.

Reducing clutter can also reduce disorganization. When everything is a jumble in your head and you can’t find anything, that kind of stress makes you want to eat. To support your weight release journey, make clutter clearing a lifestyle habit. As you lighten your life, so too you will lighten your mind, spirit, and body.

Another kind of clutter is mental clutter- resentment, blame, shame and any beliefs or thoughts that don’t support your greatest version of yourself. How much dialogue in your head is uplifting and positive. You can actually gain weight from mental clutter.

Start today. I challenge you! Let go of 27 things each day for nine days. Look in your closet. If your closet is filled with unflattering, outdated clothing, you are holding on to unflattering, outdated beliefs about yourself. As you let go of these, you are letting go of limiting beliefs. It’s those limiting beliefs that sabotage your weight release effort. So, let go. Keep only clothes you enjoy wearing and that you look great in. Let go of old sheets, towels, make-up, medicine, the list can go on and on. Just look around and let go of the stuff you don’t use. Keep your vanity tops free of clutter and clean off your kitchen counters.

Look around and see how you can begin to clear away anything that does not serve you. When you do, you’ll begin to lose excess weight. Think about what old habits or old beliefs are standing in the way of you losing weight. Let go of those thoughts and starting today, say a little affirmation, I surrender. I let go of the old, so I may see the new. To make peace with your food and your weight, you must first make peace with yourself and this means learning how to nourish your soul. When you decide to let go of fear, you will start to let go of your excess weight.

If you want this year to be your best year ever, clear up your clutter!



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